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I Mezzi Elettrici
They're a Reality
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To think that an electric vehicle and a product sperimantale is a mistake, because today is the technology made ​​great strides. And to think that they are the first vehicles and another big mistake, car and bicycle we have been working for twenty years on these vehicles. I made ​​the best car manufacturers are ready to commercialize electric vehicles and, ensuring autonomy interesting and better performance of conventional cars with internal combustion engine. By now the whole world and oriented on totally abandons types of vehicles as in northern Europe are already several years that are used trick that kind of vehicles. Now climate change bring us more and more to protect our habitat, in fact we have seen with our own eyes, floods, earthquakes, warm equatorial desert, never seen before, the sea level is rising and if we do not start ourselves change our habits will change drastically the nature of our habitat. Precisely for this reason we must change the way we move, using electric vehicles with zero emissions and giving a better future for our children, handing them has really livable cities. So it is true that today an electric car costs a little more than a conventional car, but if we confrantare their benefits and an investment in our planet, but especially for the future of our fligli. If we analyze all the economic benefits that we buy an electric vehicle and a lot cheaper than half a heat engine that pollutes enormously. Have you ever thought a policeman as CO2 magic day? For more information visit our Faqs in the home

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