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Have you switched to electric for so many things, why not do it for travel?

If we would have passed it to electrical enormous benefits for our pockets and the environment in which we live, Awarding a better world for our children, offering their city on a human scale. Imagine our city as it would be more enjoyable if we all were to use electric vehicles! It is no longer a future away from us, but it is the present. Many car manufacturers have made ​​electric vehicles of all respect with self interest, without sacrificing comfort. In fact, all the vehicles are accessioriati of all the options, which are currently present in the market for thermal combustion vehicles. From January 2012 the leading manufacturers begin to market their vehicles and ZE Energy e ready to follow you and accompany you in this new era of electric! ZE Energy Ltd. will supply electricity to your vehicles through charging stations for home and office. The energy of ZE Energy deriva exclusively from renewable sources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biomass. If we spend all Electric vehicles will no longer be slaves of the oil and its tricks to increase that burden continually on our pockets. In fact, the offer ZE Energy includes several two-year subscription, with no surprises and no risk. Have a good trip!!



  • Il Mondo Che Vorrei


    Se tutti noi rispettassimo il mondo, il mondo avrebbe più rispetto di noi! more


    Salviamo il mondo lo stiamo schiacciando con le nostre stesse mani, lo possiamo fare cambiando le nostre abitudini. more

  • Gli effetti del Petrolio


    Il petrolio ha rovinato le nostre coste ed i loro habitat .Tutto questo per le nostre cattive abitudini. more



  • Il Patto di Kyoto 

    ZE Energy Srl ha aderito al patto di Kyoto per la mobilità elettrica e per migliorare le città Italiane. more